Racers Edge Motorsports is one of North America’s most successful race teams, currently racing Sports Cars in SRO and IMSA, while offering Customer Racing Programs and operating the HPD GT3 Driver Academy in conjunction with Honda Performance Development (HPD). We have been preparing and developing race winning cars since 1990, winning multiple championships in sports cars and open wheel machines along the way. With experience, passion, and dedication to winning, we're always working hard to bring competitive drivers and race cars to the track with a chance to be successful every year.

HPD PARTNERSHIP: We are currently competing in SRO GT World Challenge America in partnership with Acura Motorsports and Honda Performance Development (HPD) in the Acura NSX GT3 EVO. This has been a successful partnership, as we have won back-to-back championships in 2019 and 2020.

HPD GT3 DRIVER ACADEMY: In addition to the GT3 Program with HPD, we also operate the HPD GT3 Driver Academy on behalf of our partners at Honda Performance Development and Acura Motorsports. This four-event, eight-day program is designed to prepare young drivers at the middle level of professional motorsports for the highest level of racing. Designed to help HPD develop the next crop of young drivers for world-class sports car racing and potentially the next HPD Junior Drivers, the program is truly one of a kind. Students will get instruction from top HPD Factory drivers, communicate with a seasoned GT3 EVO engineer, and work with a championship caliber sports car team. At the end of the program drivers will have the chance to be Honda Junior Drivers and to compete in a GT3 car for the following season.

GLOBAL GT4: Prior to our partnership with Acura Motorsports and HPD, we were one of the first teams to adopt the International GT4 Formula in late 2015. Racing with Sin Cars and being the North American Distributor for their GT4 Platform, we were able to see a high level of success. After 3 intense seasons of GT4 competition, we are proud to be able to say we were the most successful team in GT4 at the time, winning 10 races and achieving 21 podium finishes. In 2019, looking for a new challenge, we moved to GT3 and formed our partnership with Acura Motorsports and HPD.  For more on our experience in racing, check out our History tab.

RACE CAR DEVELOPMENT: Besides our own racing, we are able to help your race team with technical expertise, fabrication, data system installation, or other development needs. With expertise and experience in all aspects of motorsports operation, we really are a full-service operation. Our experts are here to help you execute on mechanical preparation, engineering and development, race strategy, pit stops, data systems and analysis, driver development, and the execution of high-level motorsports marketing programs.

Do you want to compete with, and beat the best? Reach out! We have Arrive and Drive Customer Racing programs for those looking to compete in professional sports car racing. We can help you win! Check out the Customer Racing page on our website to learn more or contact us today!